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The Little Star

In this mobile 2D single-player game, the speed and direction of time changes depending on your movement. When you move forward, you reach the future; when you go backward, you return to the past… Solving puzzles, discovering the mysterious storytelling, exploring this fabulous curved world, collecting the shining star pieces, controlling the time... all in The Little Star. 

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Deisgn Document

Core Game Mechanics

The characteristic that distinguishes the Little Star from other planets

is that it’s very small, so it only takes the player a very short time to

walk around a entire round. Therefore, the world is curved in a rounded

shape, and players will keep passing the same spot, but experience

different time periods and scenarios.

Time is tied to player movement: move to the right and time accelerates;

move to the left and time flows in reverse. Thus, player can control the

time flow direction, reach the future or return to the past.

In the game, we have designed various puzzles related to the main

story line, slowly guiding players to the story plot. For example, why is

the little prince alone? Why does he have the superpower bound to the

speed of time? All these answers will be revealed in the puzzles.

World Design

The Little Star is where our dreams land. We created this tiny world

for the lost kids, who are wandering around lonely and trying to figure

out the meaning of one’s life. We are all grown-ups now, but we

are still eager to express our feelings from the childhood, since “all

grown-ups were once children... but only few of them remember it.”

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